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Columbia machine (USA)

Features of the Columbia Machine:

  • Fully Automatic by smart PLC

  • Supersonic unidirectional hydrostatic vibration @ 3500 - 4500 rpm variable

  • Displacement @ 1.5 - 2 mm

  • Multidirectional Hydraulic Compaction @ 900 PSI variable

  • High graded alloy steel moulds with Heated shoes

  • Agitated uniform feeding system

  • Automatic Density Controls

  • Automatic Height Controls

  • Palletized feeding and discharge system


Concrete mixer 1.5 CUM


Features of the Columbia Concrete Mixer:

  • Ribbon type spiral arms

  • Automatic moisture controller for water cement ratio

  • Displacement Capacity: 54 C Ft (1.5 Cu M) per discharge

  • Driving: 30 Hp two electric motors

  • Very fast mixing time

  • Large window for maintenance and view

  • Automatic lump shredder inside

  • Pneumatically operated gate
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