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Double layer, Smooth/Lacquer finish ICP
Product Description:

Double layer Pavers are produced in TWO layers in a wet cast method. The first layer (BASE MIX) is made by lean mix. The second layer (FACE MIX) is made by high grade concrete, sometimes with white cement. Glossy pavers are coated with Lacqur on the top surface. Blend of colours and texture is available. As these are cast in PVC moulds, they have silky finish. The top surface is serrated to counter slip.

Available in smooth (IPS) finish and Glossy finish

  • Footpaths

  • Jogging track, walk ways

  • Gardens

  • Society compound etc.
Technical Specifications


Type of Paver


Concrete Design Mix Grade

Compressive Strength

Load Bearing Capacity


Medium Duty

60 mm

M 30

250-300 Kg/

Heavy Vehicle upto 30 M.T.


Heavy Duty

80 mm

M 40

300-400 Kg/

Heavy Vehicle upto 40 M.T.




  • SHAPE & THICKNESS: Various shapes, in 60/80 mm thick 

  • PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Double layer. The Base layer and the Face layer

  • TOLERANCES: L/W: +/- 2mm, H: +/- 3mm, chamfers: +/- 0.5mm.

  • TOUGHNESS: Lacquer coated on the face layer for toughness

  • CHAMFERS:  Peripheral chamfer on the top edges

  • Spacer Ribs:  2-3mm Vertical spacer ribs on the sides.