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High strength, Monolith, Matt finish ICP
Product Description:

Interlocking concrete pavers are monolith. These are discrete units. When units with accurate dimensions, are properly assembled, they form a load distrubiting system. The surface is anti glare and anti skid. The specially designed chamfers all around the edges,  facilitate quicker surface run off. Spacer bars  located at the sides ensure equal jointing gap.

Available in 60/80/100/120 mm height, in various colours & shapes.

  • Container freight stations, Logistic parks,
  • Ports, dockyards  
  • Warehouses,
  • Heavy industries,
  • Main street carriage ways
  • Parking lots,
  • Malls etc.
Technical Specifications
  • Physical requirements: Single layer (Monolith), Anti skid and anti glare surface, Perpendicular edges
  • SHAPE & THICKNESS: Various shapes, 60/80/100/120 mm thick 
  • Compressive Strength:
  • Not Less than 50 N/Sq. mm for 100mm.
  • Not Less than 45 N/Sq. mm for 80mm.
  • Not Less than 35 N/Sq. mm for 60mm.
  • TOLERANCES: L/W: +/- 2mm, H: +/- 3mm, chamfers: +/- 0.5mm.
  • WATER ABSORPTION: Not more than 7%.
  • Chamfers:  Peripheral chamfer on the top edge 4mm in height & 7.5mm in width, with 1.5 mm horizontal stay.
  • Spacer Ribs:  2-3mm Vertical spacer ribs on the sides.  
  • All other specifications as per IS-15658:2006.

             Think ICP when you think of Asphalt or concrete pavement…

                                                                                 ….There’s a beautiful difference.