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Hollow/Solid Building Blocks: (As per IS 2185)
Product Description:

Hollow/solid building blocks are a good replacement to the clay bricks which are seldom available. Hollow, as the name suggests, have an empty core. Hollow blocks have an advantage over the Solid blocks as regards to Heat and acoustic insulation. They are lighter in weight too.

        Now, build castle on earth…
Technical Specifications
  • Physical requirements: Perpendicular edges, smooth finish, free of cracks and other defects

  • Tolerance:  L: +/- 5 mm, H/W: +/- 3 mm

  • Block density: As per table 2 of IS 2185 (Part I)

  • Compressive strength: As per table 2 of IS 2185 (Part I)

  • Moisture movement: 0.09 (Max)

  • Drying Shrinkage: 0.10 (Max)

  • Water absorption: 10% (Max)

  • All other specifications as per IS 2185 (Part I) – Specification for Concrete Masonry Units.