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Installation at site is as important as procuring pavers from a good factory. The joining sand between pavers has a very important role to do. If installed as per the specifications, the service life of pavers is 50 years.

Laying Involves

  • Excavation of the soil sub grade

  • Compacting the soil sub grade.

  • Application of the geo textile under soil sub grade.

  • Spreading the aggregate base if required.

  • Spreading the bedding sand.

  • Placing the pavers and cutting at edges.

  • Compacting the sweeping joint sand.

  • Spreading and sweeping  joint sand.

  • Vibrating sand into the joints.

  • Excess sand swept from the finished surface will make the pavement ready for traffic

Not a single bag of cement is using during the entire laying procedure, with the exception of the edge restrains.