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Eco Friendly Permeable pavers
Product Description:

The definition of permeable pavers is a breathable pavement surface. This is a general definition because what permeable pavers are actually a pavement surface that allows water to flow freely through it, filtering water as it flows and draining into an underlying bedding of additional filters and permeable pave is one of the world’s most recognized permeable pavers. Its benefits outweigh many of the traditional asphalt and concrete systems in place in many large cities.

The benefits of this type of pavement is superior to asphalt and concrete pavements. Asphalt and concrete allow contaminants to be distributed into waterways therefore continuing the pollution that has become so rampant throughout the world

Permeable pavers are less costly to repair, eliminates pollutants and contaminants from water drain off, and relieves flooding in flood prone areas.

  • Ports, Container storage yards, where oil can spill

  • Petrol Pumps.

  • Parking lots
Technical Specifications

  • Physical requirements: Monolith, Anti skid and anti glare surface, Perpendicular edges
  • SHAPE & THICKNESS: Various shapes, 60/80/100mm thick 
  • Spacer Ribs:  2-3mm Vertical spacer ribs on the sides.  
  • Tongue and grove type jointing at corners for permeability
  • All other specifications are similar to the high strength matt finish ICP